The tracks

The white track: This is the perfect track for kids! None of the obstacles are much more than a metre over the ground but it can feel like much more since the track is placed on a slope. If you are afraid of heights you just need to look the right way. To use the track you need to be at least 6 years old and at least 120 cm tall. Furthermore kids under the age of 9 needs to be accompanied by an adult. If you’re less than 10 years old, you need to start with the white track before you move on to the next. Adults can of course also start with the white track.

The green track: The green track is for anyone over the age of 10, and you need to finish it before you continue with the red or black track. The track is great for those who are not the best at heights, or if you are a beginner, while still challenging your balance and strength. The track has a couple of soars over the gorge. It is a fun track with lots of challenges. You have to be at least 130 cm tall to climb the track, and if you’re less than 10 years old you have to be accompanied by an adult.

The red track: Now you’re going even higher! Here you will meet an even bigger challenge, but you don’t have to be an accomplished climber. To climb the red track you have to go through the green track, be at least 14 years old and 140 cm tall.

The black track: The black track takes you 25 metres over  the ground. This track therefore needs a certain amount of strength, balance, and a great amount of courage. The black track is the most challenging track in HighPark Sønderjylland, but you can still challenge the track as a beginner. Before you can climb the black track you have to climb the green and red track first.

All four tracks start out with a zip-line – with even more during the tracks. Look forward to a fun day in the treetops!

Children under the age of 14 MUST be under the supervision of a responsible adult. Be aware of the fact that HighPark Sønderjylland is build on a slope, and it can be easier to keep an eye on your children by climbing with them. This is not a requirement, just a recommendation.

IMPORTANT – If you are a group with a children, and you split up to go on different tracks, remember to have sufficient supervision over the children. It is not possible to be two places at the same time. If kids under the age of 14 are left behind without supervision, we will remove them from the tracks for safety reasons.